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Why Advertisement Agency?
A full service advertising agency put all its energies into not just building a brand, but also creating a demand for its client's product or service in an exciting manner through creative strategy and marketing. ... Takes feedback from the clients and customers and decides the further line of action
Branding is a marketing practice in which a company creates a name, symbol or design that is easily identifiable as belonging to the company. This helps to identify a product and distinguish it from other products and services
Baleen media is a well-known advertising agency in Chennai that provides services like print media, bus back panel Ads., radio Ads., television Ads. & internet / Social media promotions. Working for more than 16 years in the advertising industry, Baleen media is known for creative content creation resulting in innovative ideas serving for the customers. Baleen media stands for one of the Best advertising Company in Chennai for providing high quality services & understanding the needs and requirements of clients to plan a proper chart with satisfactory results. Baleen media works all over India.
Anyone who wants to show their presence in Newspaper, TV, Radio & Outdoor Medium like Buses, Auto, Cinema Theaters.
1. Well defined process in execution from Lead to Cash,
2. Quick turn-around-time on service,
3. Clear Communication on everything what we do
1. Making of more happy customers
2. Team work to deliver the best (Client Servicing executives, Graphics Designers, Business development executives)
16+ years
We have 2 types of Pricing.

1. Media Partenership pricing - This attracts a simple agreement between us & our client to agree on engaging us as our Client's media partner for 12 months & beyond. % of margins for any advertisements' cost can be agreed on the very same agreement.

2. Deal based pricing - This doesn't require a long term agreement but on demand basis. If our client wants to publish an advertisement, we will be able to share a decent quote in the industry and move on to execution.
Each of our clients will be assigned with a "Client Servicing Executive (CSE)" who can understand Client's requirements, suggesting right Ad-medium for client's business category, helping them in getting best quote for selected ad-mediums, Taking care of design activities / getting necessary approvals as needed and finally releasing the Ad. in respective Ad-medium on agreed dates. They further assist respective clients by sharing Ad. Proofs like Sample Newspaper / Broadcast Certificates / Snapshots / etc.,
We have well defined terms & conditions on Ad cancellations. Each Order will be executed through an exclusive work order (emailed with Ad-medium, Date of releases, charges, etc.). Those Work orders will have by when the Ad. can be cancelled and what would be the refund policy. So, no worries on grey areas.
Each client will be taken up with an exclusive survey on Ad. response through to know whether they are happy about the Ad response or not. If they are Happy they may share a PRIVATE 3 Digit CODE sent to thier mobile as SMS to our Client Servicing executive. This way our CRM system reads & understands the customer satisfaction on each Ad medium business category wise. This is of course being used for next customer to serve better.
Our services spreading across various verticals as below.
Accommodation,Agriculture,Automobile,Document Missing,Education,Health & Fitness,Finance,Home Appliances,Interiors,Jewellery,Manufacturing,Matrimony,Name Change,Packers & Movers,Political,Public Notice,Real Estate,Retail (FMCG),Salon & Spa,Textiles,Tours & Travels,Transport,Anniversary,Obituary,Event Management,Entertainment,Court Notice
We have witnessed many start-ups from the FMCG Sector and E-Commerce sector emerging victorious , battling their way to enter into the market with a bang. The only questions that haunt the newly purged start-ups are how these companies managed to survive the cut throat competition.

Tech giants like Zomato, Amazon, Big Basket have successfully managed to create vivid impression of their brand. Though these are the brands whose area of operations are more on the digital side, but even they use traditional marketing methods. During the initial stage of start-ups majority of companies stick to stereotypical marketing methods because their objective is vey clear , first they need to make people understand that there is a company with so and so name which is offering certain services.

Traditional marketing techniques are not only restricted to only the print media or television and radios but also sending emails, Displaying brochures on Buses and in trains. In short, where the advertisement will grab the maximum attention of audience. Even today, where electronic medium fail to deliver the necessary information, print media does its job. In rural areas where people have less resources to gather information digitally, their only source to know about the developments and innovations is through Print media.

Companies like Amazon, Big Basket still put their advertisement offers in news paper. Dominos, Pizza Hut provide discount coupons to their customers through pamphlets. This is the most sustainable resource which helps you connect with the local audience. The other benefit of traditional marketing is that you can have face to face interaction with your potential buyers. The other reason why old school marketing still trends because in traditional marketing you can offer product testing where the consumer can actually check for the quality of the product.

Over the years, Chennai is emerging as a hub for start-ups. To reach maximum number of audience , every company needs a strategist who will effectively carry out the task of promoting your products and services to the right target audience. The job of advertising agency is to make a thorough research about the same.

An Advertising agency is Chennai named, “Baleen Media” offers all these services under one roof right from traditional marketing to digital marketing. You name it, they have it all. It depends upon what services you are offering and to whom. They have dedicated services to cater to all your need. They have explained in detail the benefits of using a particular medium to promote your brand. Baleen Media is one of the popular company in the field of advertising who will take into account all your demands for creating transparent brand image. They are into the advertising business for the past 16 years, and as rightly quoted there is “No better teacher than experience.” They have the right technique that will deliver the right content for your brand all over the India. What defines a company is how satisfied their consumers are, Baleen Media has it all, and if you are worried about not having one such Media house in your locality, don’t worry Baleen Media offers their service all around India.
Advertising is for all, small and big businesses. It does not count the standard of a business but only the good development. As your small business grows, at some point you’ll need to take your marketing strategy to the next level.

.But surely, any business can develop most sufficiently through Advertising. For many directors, the awareness that they require to work with Advertising professionals leads to questions of whether to apply to an Advertising agency for small business or not. There is no right answer to this question, as it depends on the business’s resources and needs. So, to solve it accurately here are a few factors to consider about.

Helps to reach out more
With advertising, your business is not just in one place at a time but displayed on several platforms and several ad types. Here you do not need to keep shifting your business for growth, as the advertising experts will take care of it.

To hire an advertising agency for a small business brings the most important question, Budget. Budget is what must be stopping you from the decision of getting connected with a great advertising agency for your brand development. It's not that all advertising agencies demand a huge budget to publish your ad, there are still various agencies that cooperate with your certain budget and assist you with that. They work on your brand parts which need to be modernized and offer you a good service in your comfortable budget, and one for that is Baleen Media. If you ask us, our agency has worked on several such clients and helped them achieve their goals with the least budget.

If you are in a need of budget-friendly advertising agency in Chennai, contact us!

New leads
While running a small business, the leads that you gain must be on an average scale of your surroundings. But that will not be the same once you connect with the best advertising agency, they promote your business on different platforms through their print and digital media as suitable for your brand and help you gain leads on a large scale. Advertising makes your business reach out more and shares awareness about it initially grows your traffic.

Good revenue
We all desire to have a good amount of revenue through our business, which can be small or big. A common factor of a good revenue is a good number of leads that are converted into buyers. Advertising builds awareness about your brand which brings more trust of the audience to you. Once the trust is formed, they keep coming back to you and buy. This factor is promptly managed by the advertising experts you choose. Not only a good revenue but a good user experience stays remarkable about your brand.

Help it make big one day
Once a small business should not be a small business forever, is what we all seek and take efforts for. Advertising is a very powerful practice if done correctly. You need to trust your advertising partner if you need a great result. They showcase the best about you and that's what brings you a good audience base, and a good audience base is what helps you achieve a big business with good revenue and a known brand name.

Small or big every business desire to grow, and thus advertising is the best choice to make. A successful business formation is not a quick achievement and so is advertising. A professional will guide you through all the steps and aware of its required time to see results, but it's on you about how much you trust your advertising partner.

To solve all your doubts and achieve your business goals, we are here for you, the best advertising company in Chennai and an expert partner for you. What next? Connect with us!
So, you are about to launch a new brand or product or services, or you are looking for a great ad agency for your brand development, whatever the reason might be but choosing the right ad agency partner is a very important factor in your brand development. Having a strategic connection with an advertising agency can make all your expectations happen.

Taking the wrong choice can result in lost time and money, lead to employee difficulty, and can also affect the reputation of your company. With the appropriate advertising agency, your projects should work more smoothly, with teams from both sides working together. Your consumers will be motivated by more powerful and professional campaigns that will improve the way they trust your ability to deliver quality products or services.

Here are 5 things to consider when deciding the right company for your business.

Choose a Creative Ad agency
Advertisement is what attracts the audience and inspires them to make a call to action towards the brand with its attractive and creative design. An ad is successful only when it impacts the target and improves the brand sales for which your advertisement partner needs to be very creative and expert of the ad-making rule.

The agency’s work should be exceptional and the ideas should make you think, “Wow, I wish I would’ve thought of that.” So, the work needs to be remarkable. We see how different brands are getting served with a variety of unique and creative ads every day that stays remarkable and initially rises their marketing demand. Hence creative ads have become very important as they stand out from the rest.

If you ask us, our creatives are some of the bests in the play. From creating a unique concept, they present innovative thinking to everything they do, and the quality of the product shows it.

Choose an agency with creative strategically developed to work that problem.

Know if they are the Experts
Your agency needs to have some knowledge of your industry and your market before they get to work, they’ll nevermore be the experts you are. But your guide can surely make them one.

Take a look at a planned agency’s success stories and portfolio. Be assured they’re skilled in marketing, communications, and building inspirational brands that customers love. A reliable agency will be able to choose up the industry details along the process and might amaze you with some penetrations they’ve chosen up from other industries.

If you require an agency that’s previously close with your industry you can go with selecting an ad agency within your corner.

Whatever you do, choose an agency whose work you appreciate. If their shape of work doesn’t inspire you, pass on, no matter their name. Look at both concept and design when judging their portfolio. Is the graphic design timeless or trendy? Does the copywriting move you to action? Does their branding strategy work arrange with your purposes?

Check the Client Testimonials about them
Examine what campaigns they have worked on in the past and if they have had experience working with clients in your specific industry or not. Although this may be great, there may be an advantage in working with an advertising agency that has an understanding of your business sector as they can be able to deliver fresh ideas to the report.

You need to ask yourself questions like; Does the agency show some awesome client testimonials? Who have they operated with in the past? Who are they operating with presently? Some agencies also provide you the contact details of clients who would be glad to speak to you. Did the advertising agency meet their expectations? With such questions, you can also list few queries before choosing that agency.

Culture Fit
You can't expect all agencies to be the same. What you receive depends on the team creating it, so culture is important more than just a good working relationship. It’s key in making sure your advertising reaches its goals.

The level of business we like to form with our clients and that we believe all good agencies should form with their clients is what makes a strong culture fit an essential element to an effective relationship. Our values and attitudes need to be followed if we need to have a commonly beneficial collaboration and to ensure the creative work we produce aligns with your brand.

Bricks Media says when you choose an ad agency, you choose a culture. They suggest working with an agency that is collaborative, artistic, and proactive.

Previous Work Portfolio As we said how an agency is defined by its client testimonials, the same way it guarantees you about what you are getting served by their previous work portfolio. It's important to check the working assignments of an agency to know if they are capable of reaching your goals of a campaign. If they follow creativity and if they are active with the latest trends that any business industry is following.

Good advertising is prepared towards a goal. The art serves a purpose for the advertiser; the purpose isn’t to serve the art. You want to expand in a certain demographic or capture more market share, or simply do more business — there’s a problem your marketing is supposed to solve.

Choose an agency with creativity strategically developed to solve that puzzle, not developed to serve the agency itself.

Outcome All these above 5 factors if followed correctly will lead you to the best agency for your brand development. These factors will help you with deep research and a great advertising partner relationship. An agency will not even let you brother you about all of these once you connect to them, they will initially give you a guide to their specialty and solve all the queries that you must be having. To make it even easier, Baleen Media as the best advertising agency in Chennai has all of it. They deliver you with the modernized campaigns and justify the tag of worth the investment advertising company in Chennai.

Want to learn more about working with a great agency? Contact us today and we’ll tell you all about it!
* Above pricing is indicative and only for reference. It may vary time to time according to market conditions.
Ad Medium Prize Range* unit
Newspaper - Line Ad Rs.43 - 800 /- per line
Newspaper - Display Ad Ad Rs.31 - 8,675 /- per SCM
Television Ad Rs.184 - 36,000 /- per SEC
Radio Ad Rs.4,130 - 19,000 /- per SEC
Paper inserts Rs.500 - 10,000 per copy
Auto & bus Branding Rs.950 - 3,500 per Auto(or bus)
Theater Ad Rs.495 - 8,675 per SEC
Digital Marketing/td> Rs.500 - 5,000 per SEC
Noparking board Rs.50 - 500 per Board

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